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Die Shoe

Bill of Material

This is a isometric view of a draw punch with dimensions that define the height, width and length. Modifying any of the dimensions in the 3D model alters the size of this component. This is referred to as a parametrically driven design. Pasted besides this is a dialog box of the various different properties of this component. The properties are linked to the component and are extracted into the BOM. For example, if the length of the part changes from 8.686” to 9.000” the “evaluated value” would reflect the change as well. Since all the properties are stored with the 3D model of the die component the information is also extracted into the title blocks of detail drawings. This insures a continuity between the component, BOM and detail drawing.

Bom dimensions

This is a small portion of the BOM which includes the Draw Punch (DET 5) from above. All the information in this BOM was extracted from each of the die’s component’s property box. The BOM assigns the detail number and also determines how many instances that component was utilized in the design. Therefore, if the draw punch length changed as stated above, the BOM would automatically reflect that change. This eliminates the need to type this out manually thereby preventing mistakes.

Partial Bill of Material

As you can see this automation greatly increases the speed and accuracy of the BOM creation.